Study on Domestic Market of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) in Kathmandu Valley


Author: Narendra N Tiwari, Ram C Poudel and Yadav Uprety
Publisher: Winrock International
Language: English
Date of Publication: November 2004
Number of Pages: 46 + 8
Price: Free

With a lead role of Winrock International, BDS-MaPs project conducted a study to assess the status of the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants consumption in Kathmandu valley by governmental and private Ayurvedic manufacturers, trading houses and Ayurvedic practitioners/clinics. A total of 214 species/forms of NTFPs/MAPs are being recorded in use though processing and trade in different forms of Ayurvedic formulations or as essential oils. Among 214 species, the demand of 128 NTFPs/MAPs species are fulfilled from Nepal, whereas 75 NTFPs/MAPs species are imported especially from India and 11 NTFPs/MAPs species are usually taken both from either Nepal or India.The annual consumption of herbs in Kathmandu valley is estimated 103,1481 Kg from 186 species and 3,8975 Kg essential oil from 19 species. Furthermore, this study explored the module of community based marketing through cooperative.