21st Sharing meeting of NNN

ANSAB meeting hall

Bhimsengola, Baneswor
January 28, 2004

1PM to 3PM

List of Participants 

1. Mr. Sagendra Tiwari IUCN, Nepal
2. Mr. Nirmal K. Bhattarai IDRC, MAPPA, Nepal
3. Mr. Kamal Bhandari Forest Action
4. Mr. Rajiv Pradhan BDS/Maps
5. Mr. Bob Nanes BDS/Maps
6. Mr. Chhotelal Chaudhary CECI, CMAPSL
7. Mr. Rajendra Khanal CARE, Nepal
8. Mr. Rana B. Rawal BIRD
9. Mr. M. L. Jaisawal NEW ERA
10. Mr. Pankaj K. Das HNTFPCC
11. Mr. Bishnu Hari Pandit NAF
12. Ms. Laxmi Paudel FECOFUN
13. Mr. Francisco Tolentino SNV/Nepal
14. Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma DPR
15. Mr. Bhairab Risal NEFEJ
16. Mr. Bhola Bhattarai FECOFUN
17. Mr. Man Prasad Khatri HJSS
18. Mr. Mohan Baniya HJSS
19. Mr. Parbat Gurung HBTL
20. Mr. Bhaweswor Das SION
21. Mr. Bhishma P. Subedi ANSAB
22. Mr. Indu Bikal Sapkota ANSAB
23. Mr. Ram Hari Subedi ANSAB
24. Ms. Shova Adhikari ANSAB

Agenda of the meeting 

Discussion on NTFP Policy

Major highlights of the meeting

Mr. Bhishma P. Subedi, Executive Director at ANSAB welcoming all the participants called for agenda to be discussed in the meeting. Mr. Subedi recapitulated the highlights of the previous NNN meeting. The meeting was intensively focused on the policy issues relating it with market and some security issues rampant at present situation.

NTFP policy

Mr. Pankaj Das, member of Herbs and NTFP Coordination Committee presented a policy document aiming at the upcoming national workshop for the Herbs and Non-Timber Forest Products development policy of Nepal.

Adding on it, Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma expressed the intention and efforts made to mobilize herbs and NTFPs to increase the national income as a whole. He further said, co-operatives, partnership among farmers, traders and entrepreneurs in respect with the collection and enterprise is important most to be considered to plan for the promotion of NTFPs.

The policy paper was made after the wide consultation with relevant national, international and local community based organizations, Dr. Sharma said, Nagarkot policy workshop organized by ANSAB helped a lot to bring the wide consultation from different relevant stakeholders.

Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma time and again called on comments and suggestion as if it would lead to bring voice to the upcoming national workshop.

The policy draft is prepared addressing the voice of the grass root people.

What is more, the meet supported an argument to design separate policy for the Indian market singling it out from the policy for international market and trade.

NTFPs and current situation

Participants paid attention to depth on the security sensitive issues. They mutually argued, if we do not tackle with NTFPs for its use and management, the Maoist problem will went on worse.

Besides, difference between the FUG and individual farmer was internalized in order to address the grass root problem.

Mr. Bhola Bhattarai, secretary of Federation of Community Forest Users Group (FECOFUN), expressed fear that if the problems of FUG grass-root people are suppressed there inside, problems in the case the problems are suppressed in the similar platform.

NTFP and its’ market

In a concern, how to make linkage of the collection of community forest products up to the market, a concept of cooperative was considered to be promoted.

Presenting a paper on BDS MaPS, Dr. Bob Nanes said market is a dictator and organizing factor to the community forest production and advised to feel more of trade fair.

The participants ingeniously expressed commitment to make Nepal a supermarket for the NTFP.

To sum up, the meeting went fruitful bringing out recommendable policy issues and an effective preparation for the national policy formulation.

The meeting was presided over by Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma.