22nd Sharing Meeting of NNN

ANSAB meeting hall
April 7, 2004
1 PM to 3 PM

List of Participants
S/No Name Organization
1. Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma DPR
2. Mr. Bhishma P. Subedi ANSAB
3. Mr. Bhairab Risal NEFEJ
4. Mr. Indu Bikal Sapkota ANSAB
5. Dr. Nirmal Bhattarai IDRC/MAPPA
6. Mr. Hem Raj Neupane Forest Action
7. Mr. Rakshya Pandey CRT/N
8. Mr. Rajiv Pradhan BDS-MaPS
9. Mr. Bhola Bhattarai FECOFUN
10. Mr. Lal Kumar KC HJSS
11. Mr. Bishnu Hari Pandit NEW/ERA
12. Mr. Francisco Tolentino SNV/Nepal
13. Mr. Ram Hari Subedi ANSAB/BDS/MaPS
14. Mr. A. L. Joshi NARMSAP
15. Mr. Prem Raj Tiwari GAC
16. Mr. Ajaya Bikram Manandhar WATCH
17. Ms. Shova Adhikari ANSAB

Agenda of the meeting

  • Recap of 21st NNN sharing meeting
  • Reflection upon research and grassroots experiences influencing community forestry and NTFPs policy process in Nepal

Summary of the meeting
The meeting came up with some solid outcomes in concretizing the national policy draft in line with making it more effective. The participants were called on for making suggestions to the coordination committee members that will be later discussed in the NTFPCC meeting in process of finalizing the NTFP policy draft. Realizing the potentials of favorable policy environment, all the participants appeared enthusiastic to cite policy implications on the basis of some cases. Additionally, the meeting formed a task force for submitting a requisition letter to the ministry of forest and soil conservation. As the requirement of policy research was widely realized, the meeting also decided to carry out research on the under mentioned areas comprising of the chronology of tax imposition and its withdrawal as well as the complication of policy.
• Texus
• Yarsagumba
• Kutki
• Chiraito (ban and lifting on ban)
• Bark of Okhar
• Community Forest 40% (benefit sharing)
• Enterprise registration

Recap of the 21st sharing meeting of NNN
Mr. Bhishma P. Subedi, Executive Director of ANSAB recapitulated the agenda and outputs made through the last NNN meeting. Calling for more agenda from the participants to be discussed, he asked Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma to sum up the policy issues brought forward in the last meeting.

With detail of further improvements made in the NTFP policy preparation process, Dr. Sharma said a committee comprising of 13 members was formed to prepare the draft for NTFP policy.

A national workshop was organized in a bid to further review the draft policy, bringing about wide range of consultation. The prepared draft will be reviewed again through the Non Timber Forest Product Coordination Committee, affirmed Dr. Sharma.

Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma called on the meeting participants to make consultation with the NTFPCC members for further recommendation to the National policy before it is discussed in the NTFPCC for finalization.

Citing an example of reluctant Nepali entrepreneurship, he desperately remarked the Nepali big herbal companies heading towards India in search of market and money.

Task force for requisition letter
Scrutinizing the reasons for potentiality of consent from the ministry, Mr. Bhairab Risal asked for a requisition letter to be submitted to the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation. A task force was also formed to come up with this effort. Amidst the task force are Mr. Bhairab Risal, Mr. Ram Hari Subedi, Mr. Bhola Bhattarai and Mr. Mohan Baniya.

Highlights of the discussion
According to Mr. Bhishma P. Subedi, the credit for improvements made in creating favorable policy should go to the community forest. Furthermore, Subedi asked for effort in bringing voice of grass root people on the legislation level for policy reformulation.

Adding on the remarks of Subedi, Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma cited an instance of Yarsagumba (Cordyceps synensis) emphasizing that the government should cut down the tax rate for Yarsagumba on the basis of a detailed account of its sale rate. Additionally, he affirmed the organizations like ANSAB should be called for collection of such data and analysis of details.

The participants appeared hopeful as the King has prioritized NTFPs promotion in the Himali region after his recently ended thorough observation of the state of the people and place over the region.

Mr. Bhola Bhattarai from FECOFUN pointed out the hurriedly formulated laws and their negative implication with affirmation that the law should be formulated after wide consultation from the grass root people and only the sort of legal statements makes sense to the common people, that is liable and people make use of it.

Citing some undergoing works like nursery establishment on behalf of the Department of Plant Resources, Dr. Sharma inferred that community people are making improvements in the cultivation of NTFPs.

As Mr. Bhishma P. Subedi asked for some cases of the process of policy formulation and its effect, Mr. Bhola Bhattarai including others exemplified the current situation defected by the lack of policy. Amongst the cases was recently withdrawn 40% taxation, complexity of newly developed guideline of the government, debatable issue of 3 KM boundary for enterprise set up and success of community forest.

Calling NNN as a multi stakeholder forum, Mr. Subedi appreciated the mutual attempt and success made on behalf of the NNN as well as the consolidated use of the resources.

The 22nd meeting of NNN was presided over by Mr. Bhairab Risal.