24th Sharing Meeting of NNN

ANSAB meeting hall

November 19, 2004


1. Dr. Suredra P. Singh Kumaun University , India Naini Tal
2. Mr. Bhishma P. Subedi ANSAB
3. Ms. Srijana Rana SNV/Nepal
4. Mr. Parbat Gurung HBTL
5. Mr. Gyanendra R. Sharma CRT/N
6. Mr. Bhaweswor Das SION
7. Mr. Prem Tiwari GAC
8. Mr. Dinesh Paudel NSCFP
9. Mr. Francisco Tolentino SNV/Nepal
10. Mr. Pankaj Das HNTFPCC
11. Mr. Gobinda Ghimire AHI
12. Mr. Bhola Bhattarai FECOFUN
13. Mr. Sarad Rai ITDG
14. Mr. Surya B. Binayee ANSAB
15. Mr. Indu Bikal Sapkota ANSAB
16. Mr. Navin Subedi ANSAB
17. Ms. Shova Adhikari ANSAB


  • Sharing of strategy for NTFP private production
  • Discussion on market information for NFTP promotion
  • Any other agenda as suggested by members


The meeting was presided over by Dr. S. P. Singh, Head of Botany Department of Kumaun University, India . Mr. Bhishma P. Subedi, Executive Director of ANSAB, expressed thankfulness to SNV for helping ANSAB expedite the marketing information program. Mr. Indu B. Sapkota, Community Forestry Manager at ANSAB synopsized the discussion of previous NNN meeting.


Sharing experiences in market information issues, possibilities and problems, participants from their respective organizations brainstormed how can market information system be effective? Amidst, ANSAB presented its decentralized model, reaching people through grass-root level network and traders level network and market center development for information generation and dissemination on commercially important NTFPs in those areas. The participants expressed their recurrent realization that market information dissemination is a challenging job, though little have been done, and yet more remain to do. Beside this, information generation for different stakeholders; dissemination of information through newspaper; knowledge devolution through universities; additional responsibility to be given to the ministry; division of different responsibility in the market information generation, distribution and technical issues; institutionalization of MIS system; coordination to be built up between traders and cultivators were the major ideas brought out in the meeting.

Mr. Bhishma P. Subedi shared the output of the previous meeting that a recommendation about policy strategy for NTFP cultivation in the private land has been submitted to the ministry. The government bodies have taken it positively, he expressed.

Market Information System:

Navin Subedi, BDS officer at ANSAB shared updates on ANSAB market information activities. We are attempting to activate decentralization model while working for market information dissemination, he said, and we have established market centers in Ilam and Nepalgunj. Network set up to activate local level activity, promotional materials development of 24 species were other highlights he shared in the meet. Added Mr. Bhishma P. Subedi, additional species have been included in the NTFP price list development with 22 major species which now reaches at 30. It is important to mention in this context that ANSAB has been developing price list of major species in the Nepali and Indian market. The way Mr. Surya B. Binayee, program manager at ANSAB put it, ‘We are building networks with grass root people through FECOFUN and with traders and commercial persons through NGO and chamber of commerce to bring efficient access to NTFP market information’. Yet we have a challenge, how to reach to the deepest grass root level NTFP cultivators providing access to market information, Mr. Binayee added.

Mr. Dinesh Paudel at NSCFP said the major task is information generation. As he put it, let’s divide who does what in this forum. Whoever generates the information we are directly or indirectly using it in our own ways.

Sarad Rai, Project Officer at ITDG said NTFP market information system should be institutionalized and entrepreneurship should be developed in order to foster use of information. The participants agreed, until and unless coordination between CFUG and traders is set up, success can rarely be achieved. Buyers do not look responsible in Nepal , said Mr. Parbat Gurung , Managing Director at HBTL, big cooperative can make the system institutionalized and before doing this they should be united’.

Information varies according to the necessity of the collectors, CFUGs, traders, and international market of India and beyond it; expressed Mr. Disnesh Paudel.

Mr. Bhaweswor Das at SION firmly said, traders should take over prime role and equally the social responsibility. We should watch over the history finding out what are the new developments made till today. Expressing his views he further stressed the need of responsible officer at the ministry and a system to vision how we can motivate all the rangers at local level.

The participants appeared energetic and enthusiastic towards an idea to publish important NTFP price information in newspapers. A task force was also made comprising of Mr. Bhairab Risal , Mr. Bhaweswor Das, Mr. Bhola Bhattarai , Mr. Parbat Gurung and Mr. Navin Subedi to make consultation for price information publishing. They also brought different ideas about how to disseminate price information to the target groups.

Mr. Bhaweshor Das shared we can also use universities to strengthen market information system like taking classes in the Ilam university.

NTFP private production:

Mr. Bhishma P. Subedi said a recommendation about policy mechanism for NTFP promotion in private land has been submitted to the government bringing about consultations from the NNN members. He also expressed happiness that the government is very positive to it. In this relation, Mr. Pankaj Das of HNTFPCC shared, as NTFP policy has been passed, we are preparing implementation plan on the basis of financial obligation. Moreover, we are about to publish herbs and NTFP under national priority of Terai and inner Terai region, added Mr. Das.

Concluding the meeting, Dr. S.P. Singh expressed happiness to be with the people knowledgeable in this sector. He emphasized, sustainable livelihood through market sustainability is the major issue ahead of us to which information helps make right decision.