26th Sharing Meeting of NNN

3rd October, 2005

Summary of the meeting
The NNN meeting built in its focus on the sharing on the Indo-Nepal NTFP trade research sharing by Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma. Dr. Sharma had a conclusion that Nepal can step up immediate steps in the NTFP trade when good cooperation is made with Indian authorities. According to Dr. Sharma, the concerned authorities in India are good and we have to find out and follow good ways to approach them to fulfill our interest.

The meeting was presided over by Dr. Damodar Parajuli, Chief, Foreign Aid Coordination Division, MFSC.

We requested them to include 222 plants in the appendix. He (….) beamed a smile in impasse and said we have a system. That time, we had 188 plant species ready to include. Within a short period of discussion, we came to know that if we fill in the form as stated by the system, they will happily include the plants we requested. The Plant Quarantine Division also assured the success of the joint effort if HNCC is in contact.

Dr. Sharma said, India is no less than Europe.

Sharing on amendment in tax rate of NTFP
Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma pronounced a decision made in the gazette that has issued amended tax rate of 188 species. The rate has been confirmed in terms of the market price of the relevant NTFPs, said Dr. Sharma. Reviewing the amendments, the meeting participants thanked Dr. Sharma and Dr. Damodar Parajuli crediting their efforts to bring the sort of change in the gazette. Besides the amendments, participants appreciated development in the structure of the species being placed with their scientific name. Tax rate as 10 % of the market price is the standard practices worldwide, said Dr. Damodar Parajuli.

The another major recent development in NTFP sector is the ratification of ‘Herbs and NTFP policy development 2061’. Concisely articulating the implication it may bring about, Dr. Parajuli said, the policy should be revised within 5 years. The government has been prioritizing NTFP policy development efforts and we try for the similar in future, said Dr. Parajuli.

Appreciating the government’s effort made in the NTFP policy development sector, Dr. Bhishma P. Subedi said, the achievements made so far are great. However it does not mean that there are no issues and challenges, which are yet to be overcome. Now, we have to thank the government for its efforts. Agreeing with the remarks, participants praised the government efforts giving big hands.  

Mr. Santosh Acharya made a query on IEA and EIA regarding the policy development. Dr. K.C. Paudel and Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma responded on it.

Regarding the India Visit for NTFP trade research, Dr. Sharma said, I did not really visit this time for quality and standardization, we will visit next time for this. In bilateral agreement, they will be very easily convinced, he added. If we export branded products, they will accept it in good price but we must have Nepali standard, said Dr. Sharma.

Thanking Dr. Sharma and the HMG, Dr. Damodar Parajuli concluded the meeting.