8th Sharing Meeting of NNN

April 24, 2000

The eighth meeting of the NNN Advisory Group was held Monday, April 24, 2000 at CECI Office, Baluwatar, Kathmandu. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Netra B. Bhandari of CECI.

Those who participated in the meeting were:

  1. Bhaweshwar Das, NSCFP
  2. Hari Prasad Neupane, FECOFUN
  3. Hemant R Ojha, ANSAB
  4. Kabita Bhattarai, CECI
  5. Ken Nicholson, SNV
  6. Narayan Kaji Shrestha, WATCH
  7. Netra B. Bhandari, CECI/CBED
  8. Pratap Man Shrestha, FAO
  9. Rajendra Khanal, CARE/Nepal
  10. Sagun Bista, CBED/CECI
  11. Sama Shrestha, ANSAB
  12. Shiva Shankar Neupane, NAF
  13. Stuart Dudley Hocking, VSO, NUKCFP, Baglung
  14. Surya B. Binayee, ANSAB

The agenda of the meeting were:

  1. Sharing by participants
  2. Task force presentations
    • Operational policy
    • Strategic research needs
  3. Future activities
  4. Any other agenda

Summary of the discussions and conclusions of the meeting:

1. Sharing by participants
Mr. N.B. Bhandari welcomed all the participants to CECI and requested all to give their introduction and share the recent updates.

Mr. Hari Prasad Neupane, Chairperson, FECOFUN briefed about FECOFUN’s activities in raising awareness to FUG in NTFP’s.

Mr. Stuart Dudley Hocking, V.S.O, NUKCFP, Baglung briefed about the paper he presented at SEANN workshop. His paper entitled NTFP Development works in Dhaulagiri includes about training given to FUG and DFO staff .

Mr. Ken Nicholson, NTFP Enterprise Development Officer, SNV, informed all that the brochure on Market Analysis Development Training has been developed and will be distributed soon. The training will be held during May, 2000. He also informed that the PDDP project of SNV in Karnali district has already started working in the local level market information activities.

Ms. Sagun Bista, NTFP Research Officer, CBED/CECI informed that she has been currently involved in the research aspect of NTFPs, and she is developing a methodology on sustainable development & management of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Mr. Surya B. Banyee, Enterprise Development Officer informed about the recent NTFP management training conducted by ANSAB like Enterprise Development Workshop in Budol (March 27 – 31, 2000) and SEANN Workshop (April 8-9,2000).

Mr. Bhaweshwore Das, Forest Enterprise Promotion Officer, NSCFP informed about his involvement in developing training materials and participating in NTFP Management Training in Ramechhap organized by NSCFP, Enterprise Development Workshop organized by ANSAB and SEANN Workshop.

Mr. Shiva Shankar Neupane, Project Coordinator, NAF informed about his involvement in NTFP networking for FUG, establishment of nursery and cultivation of NTFP’s like Chiraito, Lokta and Bajradanti in a small area by a group of FUGs in Sindhupalchowk.

Mr. Rajendra Khanal, Agricultural Specialist, CARE-Nepal informed that one training on Lokta has been given to a group of women of Bajura. He also stated that he is planning to give similar training on Allo & Bhango weaving. He also informed that a one day workshop to see the potential of NTFPs will be conducted in Bajura, Bajhang and Acham.

Mr. Pratap Man Shrestha, Programme Officer, FAO informed his involvement in supporting Forest and Environmental Project, in different parts of the Country.

Mr. Netra Bhandari, Programme Officer (Forestry), CBED/CECI informed about his involvement in the NTFP workshop in Dadeldhura and Jumla held during January and February 2000 respectively. He also informed that two studies have been completed on Financial Appraisal of FUG and Assessment of Forest Enterprise Service Providers. He also informed that CECI is also working to link farmers to Dabar in order to promote Taxus bacata.

There was a concern from the group that the contract between big company like Dabur and local communities should be made more on farmers side. Issues were raised regarding community interest assurance, monopoly agreement, price down payment, payback guarantee and agreement exposure. The group emphasized that the effort should be taken to ensure the fare return to the community.

There was a suggestion from the group that the NNNAG should contact the contractors to see the actual contract inorder to ensure the farmers are getting due benefits. Issue of market diversification, fair contract between big company and local communities and legal services information/support on legal provisions and cases were discussed.

2. Operational Policy
Mr. H. R. Ojha presented the revised NNN operational policy which was reviewed based on the suggestion by the Task Force formed by the last NNN-AG meeting. He mentioned that the Task Forces main suggestion was that the Network should be retain its informal nature with two independent but interacting entities called NNNAG and NNNCC. The idea was that the network can continue to run informally, the way it’s been running.

There were various comments and suggestions regarding the revised Operational Policy. Some suggested that the AG and CC need not be separate, and the two different meeting for CC and AG is not necessary. Others said that the AG as a group of experienced professionals in NTFP sector should meet separately to share, discuss and analysis NTFP development issues, and it may interact with CC which consist mainly of policy makers to share analytical suggestions on policy issues.

In order to finalized the exact nature and element of the network in a more participatory and interactive way and also to review the status on NTFP policy recommendations submitted by NNN, the meeting decided to have a one day joint meeting of AG and CC on August 7, 2000. A Task Force consisting of following members is formed to make necessary preparation and organize the join meeting.

  1. Bhaweshwar Das, NSCFP
  2. Hari Prasad Neupane, FECOFUN
  3. Hemanta R. Ojha, ANSAB
  4. Narayan Kaji Shrestha, WATCH
  5. Netra B. Bhandari, CECI/CBED

The Task Force will meet on May 8, 2000 at WATCH.

The AG member also proposed to circulate the task force minutes to the NNN General members. The group also decided to have a follow-up NNNAG meeting on August 9, 2000 at FECOFUN.

3. Strategic research needs on NTFP sector in Nepal
Mr. H. R. Ojha informed that the task force formed by the last NNNAG meeting to work in the research needs could not meet due to the busy schedule of the members in the group. Following members decided to meet for this purpose.

Bhaweshwar Das, NSCFP
Ken Nicholson, SNV
Sagun Bista, CBED/CECI
Bhishma Subedi/Hemant R. Ojha, ANSAB
Bhim Prasad Shrestha, FECOFUN
Devendra Adhikari, SEACOW
Teeka R. Bhattarai, SEACOW

Discussing on the issue of the task force, the meeting suggested that the Network should determine the strategic research needs on NTFP sector in Nepal. Since this needs a considerable amount of time in reviewing the existing knowledge, identifying the areas for research and setting up the priorities, the meeting decided to form a task force. The task force would work on the complex issue of prioritizing the research needs, look at the overall idea, concept and scope of research in the NTFP sector, and present the outcome in the AG meeting.

4. Future Activities

  • Task Force Meeting – May 8, 2000
  • NNNAG and NNNCC joint meeting- August 7, 2000
  • Next NNNAG meeting – August 9, 2000

5. Tentative date and agenda for next meeting
The next NNNAG meeting will be held on August 9, 2000, Monday at 1.00-4.00 P.M. at FECOFUN. Mr. Hari P. Neupane of FECOFUN will chair the meetings. The meeting will discuss on the outcome of the joint meeting of CC and AG held on August 7, 2000