Resource Center

With focused attention on the resource centre, research was undertaken to identify demands that the centre would meet and a business plan was developed. Having identified the potential for success of the Resource Centre, and with refined ideas and a clear vision, ANSAB’s management committee, led by the Executive Director, decided to set up the Resource Centre as a semi-autonomous body of ANSAB in 2007. The overall set up time was allocated from January to April 2007. A Resource Centre Management team was drawn together and responsibilities allocated for devising plans, services package development, management and marketing. The Resource Centre began its operations from April 2007.

Mission and Strategies
The Resource Centre’s mission is to support ANSAB to achieve its vision of biodiversity conservation and economic development through community-based enterprise-oriented solutions. It’s specific objectives include:

  1. Providing livelihood-promotion trainings for conservation and poverty alleviation;
  2. Building capacities of stakeholders in community based economic development and natural resource management; and
  3. Generating income for itself and ANSAB as a whole.

The Resource Centre develops and extends services and trainings to ANSAB’s programs/ projects and various other clients locally, nationally and internationally. The clients pay for the services provided by the Resource Centre. The major areas of training and services include: natural products’ enterprise development; sub-sector BDS development approach; value chain analysis; non-timber forest produce (NTFP) management and marketing; community resources centre development; participatory forestry; resource assessment and sustainable harvesting; participatory biological monitoring; participatory action research; tools and techniques for natural resource management; and forests’ / organic certification.

In five years, the ANSAB Resource Centre aims to be a renowned service provider in the South Asia region and provide services to development projects and organizations on enterprise-oriented resource management; enterprise development; business planning; sustainable forest management; certification and enabling policy environment. It aims to generate US$100000 as revenue each year, with a 10 per cent growth rate on the increased base value. The centre has now also focused on designing and implementing a strong marketing and resource centre promotion strategy; that includes internal capacity building, networking, partnership and effective service packages development.

The underlying ethos of the Resource Centre’s approach is, “a business mentality with social characteristics” and it expects to fulfill its mandate with a professional approach.

The Resource Centre has developed a diverse package of services on various subjects which are on offer for different clients, from the community to the international level:

  • Feasibility studies for community based enterprise development and marketing facilitation and linkages; value chain development, especially on NTFPs and high value crops and enterprise-oriented resource management. Training with a focus on  enterprise development planning for natural products; business planning and scheme preparation for enterprise development; start and improve your business (SIYB); enterprise oriented community forestry operational plan preparation and revision; value chain analysis for natural products; sub-sector analysis of natural products; enterprise oriented resource management; participatory resource inventory, forest certification services for resource managers, forest user groups,and companies.
  • Market information services including, online database, market study reports, business contacts, marketing requirements and fee-based market strategies,  rural market center development with marketing facilitation and linkages  ; customized traders directory and manual development.
  • Process facilitation on implementation of tools and techniques of sustainable forest management practices such as forest certification, chain of custody certification.
  • Study tour on community based forest enterprises: Customized services to the national and international audience on NTFPs, high value crops, enterprise orientation and community forestry innovations.
  • Publication and documentation services: Promotion and dissemination of ANSAB’s publication and facilitation in preparing and publishing; services and process documentation; and dissemination.