Expanding FSC Certification at Landscape-level through Incorporating Additional Eco-system Services


Starting Date: August 2011
Ending Date: March 2017
Location: Global (Chile, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam). ANSAB is a partner for the Nepal portion.
Donor(s): Global Environmental Facility, United Nations Environment ProgrammeForest Stewardship Council (also Lead executor)
Implementation Partner(s): CIFOR, RECOFTC, LEI, Pustanling-MOF ,WARSI, Tropical Forest Trust – in Indonesia; FSC National Initiative – in Chile; MARD – in Vietnam.

ANSAB’s project implementation partners in Nepal – FECOFUN, NTNC and Relief International (RI)

ANSAB has been working on the project since 2007; the Project Identification Form (PIF) & the Project Preparation Grant (PPG) were endorsed last year. The project implementation proposal has now been endorsed by the GEF. The objective of the project is “to pilot test expanded and enhanced global and national environmental standards applied to emerging markets for biodiversity conservation and eco-systems services as an initial step for upgrading of successful models of FSC certification”.