Improving institutional and benefit sharing mechanisms of REDD+ in Nepal through application of sustainability standards at landscape level

Starting Date: September 2013
Ending Date: October 2014
Location: Dolakha district, Nepal
Donor(s): GIZ
Implementation Partner(s): FECOFUN

The project is implemented in a mountain district Dolakha where various forest management regimes are exists namely government managed forests, community forests, leasehold forests and private forests. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen community-based forest management system as well as government managed forestry in rural areas applying forest related sustainability standards as best practice through strengthening institutional mechanisms for REDD+ benefit sharing mechanisms at landscape level. The project partners will strive to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Identify appropriate institutional and benefit sharing mechanisms for REDD+ project at landscape level applying FSC standards as best practice, and
  • Test the application of FSC certification standards for REDD+ project at landscape level