Nepal Center of Excellence in Rural Development

Starting Date: January 2012
Ending Date: March 2013
Location: Nepal
Donor(s): blue moon fund
Implementation Partner(s): N/A

The activities proposed for this period build from the works accomplished in inception year of the blue moon fund (bmf) support along with decade long experience of ANSAB in biodiversity conservation and pro-poor economic development. For this period, ANSAB in association with the bmf has designed the following activities:

  • ensure wider dissemination and maximum use of the recently developed toolkits and develop most needed new toolkits;
  • institutionalize knowledge gathering, analysis and dissemination through the creation of Demonstration and Experimentation Centers;
  • develop a system of policy advocacy through regular production and dissemination of evidence-based, ready-to-use recommendations for policy-makers and civil society stakeholders; and
  • enhance capacity of the organization through expertise development of staffs.