ANSAB Organises a Policy Makers Site Visit

KATHMANDU, NEPAL – ANSAB organized a two day study tour for a team of policy makers and other stakeholder contributing importantly to shape policies.  The study tour was organized on 20-21 September, 2010 and it involved visits to two Forest user groups (CFUGs) [Bhitteri CFUG, Thangsa Deurali CFUG], one CFUG sub group [Guphachape Subgroup], and four Community managed forest based enterprises [Deodhunga Multipurpose Cooperative, Bhimeshwor Handmade Paper Enterprise, Sikre Wintergreen distillation enterprise, and Attarpur Bio‐briquette enterprise] in Dolakha and Sindhupalchok districts.  Demonstration of carbon measurement was also made by the Budhabhimsen CFUG members. 24 participants including journalists and personnel from different government, nongovernment and intergovernmental organizations working in the forest and natural resource management fields took part in the tour.

The tour demonstrated what good community forestry can do in terms of pro-poor enterprise development, value chain promotion, local capacity building and opportunities in context of climate change regime. Involvement of the poor and women in forest management from planning and implementation was also observed during the study tour. During the field visit, the participants evaluated that most of the costs and revenues (even more than 80% for the bio-briquette and wintergreen distillation enterprises) of the community based enterprises directly went to the community members. Furthermore, participants also observed on the opportunities for the community forestry, enterprises and their products with some emerging concepts as REDD and FSC certification. As the participants actively took part in the field visit, exchanged their experiences, raised some suggestions, and shared the concerned organizations’ standing; the tour was believed to fulfill most of the objectives to the expectation of the participants.