Medherb Green Pages 2010 – India and Nepal

Nepal government has prioritized and listed herbs and herbal products as one of the major item for export from Nepal (out of twelve export categories). This is exciting news for all NTFPs (Non Timber Forest Products) stakeholders in Nepal. However, the sector has been facing lots of uncertainty mainly on market. Usually, all farmers, collectors, traders and exporters of Nepal experience lacking of information and knowledge on end market demand, price and market requirements while making decisions on NTFPs business. As understood commonly, market provides signal not whole information but this is the most powerful factor that determines development of the NTFPs sector in Nepal.

ANSAB’s believe that its continuous services in collecting, compiling and disseminating marketing information for over 10 years, even in extreme scarcity of resources, has a good contribution in the development of NTFPs sector in Nepal. Normally, ANSAB collects critical information, customize it and disseminates to the concerned stakeholders’ via wide means of dissemination. For this, different market centers of India and Nepal, reviewing business journals and documents are the keys sources of information. Marketing Information Services (MIS) has been demanded by various stakeholders in Nepal and Bhutan also. ANSAB would thankful to those who provides continue support, feedbacks and input in managing this market information system (MIS) in Nepal.

In the past, ANSAB published NTFP entrepreneurs’ directory to facilitate market linkages. While, ANSAB was trying to systematize its’ effort in publishing entrepreneurs’ directory, Mr. Janak Rawal, Rawal Medherbs Consultants Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi (India) approached ANSAB for collaboration to publish directory. ANSAB found such private enterprise’s interest is a sustainable option and supported the company in gather information from Nepal. Medherb’s green page 2010 (India and Nepal) is recently published by the company. The directory is expected to provide good information on market of medicinal and aromatic plants of India and Nepal. Please find the detail information on the directory in attached promotional e-mailer or visit

In this regards, ANSAB is pleased to inform you that the Medherb’s green pages, 2010 (India and Nepal) is available at ANSAB for sale. To confirm your order of Medherb’s green pages, you can contact at ANSAB office, Kathmandu (977-01-4497547). The price of Medherb’s green pages is NRs. 1800 per copy and one herbal theme calendar worth NRs. 320 is free with the copy.