Medherb Green Pages 2010

The Medherb Green Pages is a 400 pages directory that provides complete information and in-depth knowledge on all trade-related aspects of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs), with a special focus on Nepal for the first time in 6 years. Some of the major highlights of the publication are:

  • Stakeholders directory listing detailed contact information for more than 5000 dealers, exporters, importers, extractors, manufacturers, cultivators and related organizations from India, as well as 350 dealers, exporters, importers and extractors from Nepal;
  • Export figures of more than 55 MAPs and allied products;
  • Information on international standards for sustainable wild collection, herbal drugs testing laboratories, adulterants and substitutes of commercial drugs;
  • CITES list, Nepal Gazette on MAPs royalty, procedures of drug registration, and other related information;
  • Special features on Gulab, Henna, Isabgol, Senna, Alaichi and Yarsagumba;
  • 200 beautiful color photographs of crude plants’ part with details and much more.

Dimensions: 28 x 22 x2 cm
Number of pages: 400
Publisher: Rawal Medherbs Consultants
Language: English

Table of Content
The Directory’s table of content can be consulted in PDF format (368 KB). 

Target Audience
The directory will be useful to:

  • cultivators/collectors who want to find new manufacturers and exporters, know the average price for their products in different market, learn about policy and regulations or get a better idea of other cultivators/collectors in their region for alliances or pooling purposes ;
  • exporters/manufacturer who want to find new suppliers, know the average price for different natural resources, learn about policy and regulations or get a better idea of other exporters/manufactures for alliances or pooling purposes;
  • researchers and university academics studying the NTFPs sector;
  • NGOs and development agencies working in the NTFPs sector;
  • government bodies of all level responsible for NTFPs policy making, law enforcement and project implementation.

ANSAB’s Involvement
ANSAB has long been a proponent of enterprise development and marketing information dissemination as effective means to support the NTFP sector in Nepal. This is why it was extremely pleased to see Rawal Medherbs Consultants Private Ltd., a well known Indian publisher, take an interest in Nepal for the 8th edition of its Medherb Green Pages series.

ANSAB does not make a profit from the sale of the directory and is involved in its preparation and promotion because the publication meets its marketing information dissemination objectives. As the stock in our possession is limited, please let us know about your order at the earliest opportunity.

Price & Order Information
The directory is available for sale at ANSAB’s office (Bhimsengola, Kathmandu) or can be ordered by email/phone (please contact Mr. Kabir Ratna Sthapit at or Ms. Sweety Bista at 4497547 or 4478412). A sale agent (Mr. Bishnu Luitel, 9741094821) can also visit your office with samples in the Katmandu valley. The cost of each copy is NRs. 1800, with which you will get a free copy of an herbal themed calendar worth NRs. 320.

Previous Years
ANSAB can also help you obtain copies of the previous editions of the Directory. This PDF document (1.76 MB) details the issues available.