Call for Public Consultation on FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard (draft 1.0) for Nepal

To: Interested Parties

From: Standard Development Group (SDG), Nepal

Public consultation period: April 26, 2016-June 25, 2016

Subject: Comments on FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard (draft 1.0) for Nepal

The FSC National Standards Development Group (SDG) Nepal has developed the FSC national forest stewardship standards (NFSS) (draft 1.0) for Nepal and has decided to share the draft for public consultation in its meeting on April 12, 2016.

The NFSS provides benchmarks (indicators) for interested parties to manage their forests environmentally appropriate: the production of timber, non-timber products and ecosystem services maintains the forest’s biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes; socially beneficial: forest management helps both local people and society at large to enjoy long term benefits and therefore provides strong incentives to sustain forest resources and adhere to long-term management plans; economically viable: forest operations are structured and managed so as to be sufficiently profitable, without generating financial profit at the expense of the forest resources, the ecosystem or affected communities. The tension between the need to generate adequate financial returns and the principles of responsible forest operations can be reduced through efforts to market forest products for their best value.

The SDG Nepal is seeking comments on the NFSS (draft 1.0) for Nepal. All formal comments will be considered to develop a relevant and applicable standard, which takes into account existing environmental, social and economic perspectives.

Please find the call for public consultation, NFSS (draft 1.0) in word version, NFSS (draft 1.0) matrix in excel version and the guide for making formal comments for your review and comments.

Call for Public Consultation (in English)

FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) Nepal (draft 1.0)

FSC NFSS Transfer Matrix (draft 1.0)

Guidelines to make formal comment (in English)