Nepal 2015 Earthquake Relief and Recovery Program

The devastation from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal that struck on April 25, 2015 and a series of aftershock thereafter is terrible. This was the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years. The government report as of May 10 reveals that at least 8,291 people are dead, 17,866 injured, and about 299,588 houses were destroyed. With another major earthquake on May 12, 2015, the death counts are rising and currently there is minimal information on the extent of the damage in rural areas. The people of Nepal are in dire need of assistance.

In response to the earthquake, ANSAB developed an integrated support program with the aim to address the much-needed requirements of the affected populations through two main program components: i) immediate relief support, comprising food and nutrition, temporary shelter, clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene; and (ii) recovery, comprising of safe shelter and livelihood security leading to sustainable development. The long-term goal of the relief and recovery program include relief leading to recovery, livelihood development and support in formation of disaster resilient communities.

Thanks to financial support from different organizations and individuals, ANSAB has been implementing the support program in six highly affected districts, namely Dolakha, Sindhupalchok, Kavrepalanchok, Gorkha, Nuwakot and Bhaktapur. With this program, it has provided support to 853 households with food and nutrition, 162 households with first aid medicines, 488 households with temporary shelter package (high grade silpaulin tent), 2,028 households on transitional shelter (CGI sheets and building kits) and 200 households with animal shed (CGI sheets). It has also supported for the reconstruction of buildings of schools, community-based enterprises and association of community forest user groups. The planning of activities towards supporting communities for their recovery and livelihood development was initiated simultaneously and the their implementation is on-going.

Map of Nepal showing earthquake affected districts and the districts where ANSAB provided service

Support items provided by ANSAB and the number of beneficiary households

Support items Number of beneficiary households
Immediate support
Temporary shelter package 488
Food and nutrition 853
First aid medicines 162
Transitional shelter
CGI sheets and building kits 2,028
CGI sheets for animal shed 200
Semiautomatic brick machines (2)

Especially, towards supporting the communities to build their permanent shelter, we have introduced two hollow-brick making semi automatic machines. The machine use locally available clay with some percentage of cement, and is cost effective option for the most-needy households to make shelter. We have successfully completed the test operation and will operate the machine, each in Kavrepalanchok and Sindhupalchok districts by mobilizing two community based enterprises in the districts. We also believe that the machine will diversify the income source of the community members as they make bricks.

We are grateful to Aveda, Estee Lauder, blue moon fund, Global Greengrants Fund, Relief International, FSC International Center, European Union and various individuals for their financial contribution to the Earthquake Relief and Recovery Program.