Baisakh's Community

Every male child, adult, and elder of shree binayak pimi dada used to chop down a sapling (young tree) when celebrating Bishu Sakranti on Baisakh 1. In celebration, the community often neglected the importance of the saplings for both economic and conservation purposes. The celebration usually resulted in felling of 2200 sapling each year. The community of 240 households never considered the negative implications of the festival that they enjoyed so much. After the forest certification program was introduced in the village, the people began to understand the importance of biodiversity and environment management. As a result, the people who held fast to their culture reduced the felling of the sapling from an individual to a household basis. Those who were able to accept change stopped the practice entirely. Consequently, this year the number of felling of saplings was reduced to less than 240 with hope for further reduction in the future. The neighboring CFUGs are also making similar changes to the culture for the goodness of the community people.