Mr. Janak Bahadur Singh

Janak Bahadur Singh, Bajhang, is now working in the Malika Hand Made Paper Pvt. Ltd, established under the ownership of the community forest users group with technical and financial help of ANSAB. Before the establishment of the Malika Hand Made Paper Pvt. Ltd, Singh used to have to head towards in order to earn money, but these days he can stay in his hometown. He likes the life he is living now, conserving the natural resources and making money from it. He says, “I am also helping people by lending some money from the income I make in the enterprise to those heading towards in search of job.” When questioned, “how much have you lent so far?” he responded, “around 20 thousand rupees in all.” Many men and women have similar stories to tell like Singh. So far, the enterprise has given employment to over 50 people in the area.